From a market research we found an old issue with POINT METALLIC notebooks which has never been solved: when you need to pull a sheet from the POINT METAL notebook necessarily lose the sheet on the other end.

In 2009,  the mark UNICOLOR acquires brands "Maxi Pull - Pull the Mini", which distinguish the different formats. The notebooks UNICOLOR "Pull Maxi - Mini Pull" are placed on the market as an important innovation of its kind.

Constant attention will be devoted to production and quality of raw materials, which will make a unique product in a short time of great satisfaction for the consumer.

Other than being used as a maxi notebook, thanks to its detachable sheets may be used in place of a spiral block or bonded block at a lower price.
Than other spiral and bonded blocks, is flexible, it rolls up, slips everywhere, without going off, as is the case for the other blocks with covers tighter.
Thanks to its micro-perforated sheets, ideal for taking notes, to leave a message, for a meeting,  as a copy - and for many other purposes. Always keep on hand in all places.
Than other notebooks, because when you pull  a sheet off you don’t loose the sheet attached, also more convenient than bonded blocks or spiral locks.
  We can custom notebooks on request.
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